Candle Care & Tips

*When burning the candle you want to create what's called a burn memory.  That simply means to allow the wax to melt all the way to the sides completely.  In doing this the candle always remembers to burn to that distance again.  It prevents tunneling, which is where it only burns the center and you are left with unused wax.

*Make sure the wick is trimmed regularly before you re-light the candle.  Generally 1/4 is sufficient.

*DO NOT leave your candle unattended and please place away from drafts, children, and pets.  Always place on a heat resistant and level surface.

*Wax melts:  For clean up after the fragrance has gone away you can place the portion holding the wax in freezer for a small amount of time and then pop the wax out.  Then use warm soap and water to remove any remainder.

*Candle tins are used in some of the packaging.  Please keep in mind that the tin can get HOT quickly to the touch.  Before burning place in the desired spot to eliminate having to move hot wax in the tin.  This applies to the glass containers as well, use safety with the heated jars.

*In regards to the appearance of the candles.  Keep in mind that these are hand poured one by one so the appearance will vary from candle to candle, no worries, that just means I made it especially for YOU ;)  Frosting is also a common occurrence for fully soy candles and this in no way effects the performance of the candle.

Most of all thank you for your purchase.  Creating things is what I love to do.  I hope you enjoy your candle/melts as much as I enjoy making them.  Be blessed!